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The following strain-specific flavors are available in a 1G Vooz Pod format, unless otherwise specified. Inventory updated 5.19.2022.

Full Spectrum Oils

Alien OG - H
Mimosa - Sativa Dom H
Ghost train haze - S
Zkittles - H
Dolato - I
Fire og - H
Doc og - H
Slurricane - I
Oregon MAC Miracle Alien Cookies - H
Gorilla Glue - H
Ice cream cake - I
Mendo fuel -S
Wedding cake - H
Jungle mac - H

Live Resin Oils

Black cherry punch - H
Ghost train haze - S
Doc og - H
Hella jelly sativa - S
Lemon haze - S
Ice cream cake - I
Wedding Cake -H

Disposable 1gram

Lemon Jack
Alien OG
Jet fuel gelato
Doc og
Mendo fuel
Ice cream cake
Jungle mac
Oregon MAC
Ghost train haze 

 I = Indica,  S = Sativa,  H = Hybrid