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The PBX STANDARD is the Pure Botanical Extraction (PBX) process employed by PurBlend Science that offers innovative, emerging solutions for the safe and clean extraction of high-quality hemp & cannabis products.

Our Liquefied Gas Extraction (LGE) Technology was initially created by Pure5 Extraction in 2004 to support food, pharmacy, and perfumery product manufacturing. A full range of machines were later developed in 2015 to support cannabis extraction.

In the conduct of cannabis extraction, the PBX STANDARD process is performed at low pressure and room temperature in order to gently strip the natural oils from the raw cannabis products in a closed-loop system. The gas is slightly pressurized, then driven through the plant material and recovered in a separation tank leaving the full spectrum oil behind for easy collection.

R134a is safe for human health – nontoxic, FDA approved and qualified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). European Union approved the usage of the gas as solvent by EC Directive 2009/32.

Our method of hemp & cannabis extraction utilizes tetrafluoroethane (TFE) R134a as the solvent. R134a, by itself, is often used in aerosol products for drug delivery. Products that are extracted using this methodology are called post-winterized full-spectrum oils considering the amount of waxes in the extract right off the machine is usually less than 5%. The process is very similar to CO2 extraction due to the fact that both methods utilize a gas for extraction and liquefy it when it is in contact with the material.

The small non-polar molecule size and the inert nature of the R134a solvent penetrates the plant tissue extremely well and thoroughly extracts the oil-soluble fractions. R134a extraction is performed at room temperature conditions and the extraction process is neutral to the plant’s full spectrum oil.

The full terpene profile is collected without degradation of the plant’s components and is easily separated from the solvent. This is why extraction is most often done on “fresh flower” as well. R134a does not extract solids, and in most cases, winterization is not required. Furthermore, the PBX STANDARD (Pure Botanical Extraction) process does not transfer water-soluble compounds like chlorophyl or mold to the extract thus providing a very pure process for extracting plant oils.